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Back ache is not pleasant and it can be easily avoided. BackCare awareness week 7-11 October 2020, seeks to educate and raise awareness on keeping your back healthy and undamaged.

Our backs are hurt by the smallest mistakes that lead to serious operations when they could have been prevented. Sitting up straight, lifting correctly, regular exercise, quit smoking, maintaining a healthy diet, drinking water and other factors contribute to a healthy and stable back.

Our backs support the spine (vertebral column), which is an essential body part because if the spine is broken, you cannot walk, sit properly or stand properly, therefore damaging your spine is not an option.

According to, taking good care of your back because this helps with prevention of future injury. Author Shari Herschenhorn, explains that from the morning to the evening, each person is responsible for their back, from how one sits, sleeps and stands.

Hershenhorn explains that sleeping positions play an important role, she explains that the various sleeping positions that are used are incorrect and, in most cases, the leading causes to back aches.

The article highlights these points on sleeping positions:

  1. You should never sleep on your back without bending legs or placing pillows under your knees.
  2. Never sleep on your stomach (even though it may be the most comfortable position)
  3. Sleeping on a firm mattress is VITAL. Mattresses should be turned over at least twice a year or every three months if you have a sleeping disorder.


Raising awareness on this type of issue helps those with ongoing back pain. Advice on what the risk factors are helps those who are struggling, get tips on what to do to reduce the pain. It is also recommended that rubbing ointments for the pain helps, if it persists, then see a doctor.

It of importance that we take care of ourselves and those around us. With the advent of COVID-19, consistent back pain is considered a symptom of the virus. So should the pain persist, a visit to the doctor is advised.

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