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Strokes are a very serious condition that can be brought about by things that could be prevented.

Cerebrovascular Accident, commonly known as a stroke, is a condition that occurs when the blood flow to part of the brain is stopped by a blockage or when the blood vessels burst. This can be caused by heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, certain medication that could trigger a burst in the blood vessels, weight and lack of exercise, and other factors as well.

Strokes can be treated through IV medication, angioplasty or stents. Treatment varies on the type of stroke as there are two types.

The two main types of stokes are ischemic stroke and intracerebral hemorrhage.

  • Ischemic Stroke, is caused by a clot or blockage within an artery leading to the brain.
  • Intracerebral hemorrhage, this is bleeding within the brain tissues or ventricles. Common symptoms include headaches, seizures, as well as neck and stiffness.

Ischemic stroke symptoms include but not limited to numbness of the face, arm of leg, trouble walking, confusion or severe headaches. Treatment for this include a medication injection called alteplase that helps to dissolve blood clots and restore blood flow in the brain. Prevention methods for an ischemic stroke includes:

  1. Keeping weight under control
  2. Monitor blood pressure
  3. Remain pro-active at all times
  4. Identify atrial fibrillation
  5. Treat as soon as detected
  6. Stop smoking if a smoker

The above are outlines of some prevention tools, that can be used as a guideline to the risk factors of getting a stroke.

Intracerebral hemorrhage, is bleeding within the brain tissues or ventricles. Symptoms of this type of stroke according to   include severe headaches, nausea, abnormal sense of taste and loss and other symptoms.

Treatment for this type of stroke includes surgery, surgical clipping, stereotactic radiosurgery and coiling (endovascular embolization). These are the outlines of the intracerebral hemorrhage and the risk factors that should be looked out for include smoking, drugs, chronic kidney disease and excessive alcohol consumption.

If symptoms of the above-mentioned strokes start to develop, a visit to the doctor is advised. After being diagnosed it is advised that rehabilitation medications and relaxing methods to calm the body and get it back to a normal state. For these rehabilitation medications, it is advised that a visit to a pharmacy and consult with a Pharmacist after a doctor’s diagnosis so that the correct medication and relevant advice is given.

There are many other types of strokes that could be developed and could occur. It is important that as soon as symptoms develop, a visit to the doctor is advisable for testing and advice to deal with symptoms before they escalate.