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During the COVID-19 pandemic, globally and in South Africa fake news have been a problem where methods of protecting yourself and how to treat a COVID-19 patient have been falsified.

Therefore, this article will highlight symptoms and prevention  facts, extracted from the World Health Organisation, to educate on how to self-protect and protect those around you.

As infections increase, it is important to educate ourselves as much as possible to know what to do if a close friend, family member or ourselves are infected with this deadly virus.

COVID-19 had been declared a world pandemic because of it’s rapid spread. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), a pandemic is explained as something that affects a large number of people and spreads quickly.

According to WHO, if the following serious symptoms arise, it is best to seek medical advice:

  • difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
  • chest pain or pressure
  • loss of speech or movement


For the following common symptoms, it suggested to self-quarantine for 10-14 days. However, it also suggested that you call a doctor or pharmacist for medication that will assist in fighting the virus.

Most common symptoms:

  • fever
  • dry cough
  • tiredness

Less common symptoms:

  • aches and pains
  • sore throat
  • diarrhoea
  • conjunctivitis
  • headache
  • loss of taste or smell
  • a rash on skin, or discolouration of fingers or toes


To protect yourself at home the following medication and home remedies are suggested:

  • Drink warm water with lemon
  • Take vitamin C and D3 supplements to boost your immune system
  • Wash your hand often
  • Maintain social distancing where possible
  • Avoid touching your face at all times
  • Wear a mask in public at all times.


When confronted with a COVID-19 patient, it is best to speak to your nearest medical advisor who will guide the treatment journey. Home treatment can also be done by visiting your nearest pharmacy to get a COVID pack with all the vitamins, protection gear etc. that you will need.

It is vital that we look after ourselves, stop the spread of fake news and beat the virus.

President Cyril Ramaphosa once said: “It is important to bear in mind that the COVID-19 battle is one that we shall conquer together,”.