Arnica Ice – Cooling Gel (50ml)


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Pain & stiffness should never hold you back from performing at your best. That’s why the Arnica Ice  range offers you products to soothe and relieve sore & stiff muscles after each workout. Whether you are an ultra- marathon runner, a gym enthusiast or a sports lover Arnica Ice  is the perfect muscular relief to keep on hand.

A topical analgesic for temporary relief of aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with sprains, strains or arthritis. Contains arnica oil, witch hazel, menthol and camphor.

Designed for everyone from exercise enthusiasts to ultra-athletes Arnica Ice  provides soothing relief from sore muscles, pain and stiffness from those long training sessions and marathons. Arnica Ice® Cooling Gel is available in 3 convenient sizes as well as in an easy to apply Arnica Ice  Spray – so you never have to endure a tough training session without it.