Berocca – Performance (30’s)

  • Sugar Free
  • High Energy
  • Enhanced Performance


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Everyday mental and physical performance. 30 orange flavoured effervescent tablets. Who should take Berocca People who have demanding careers and live a fast-paced, performance driven lifestyle. It is known that individuals with stressful lives and high occupational pressures are at risk of not getting enough vitamins and minerals from their diet. Taken daily, Berocca will provide you with the essential micro-nutrients for sustained mental performance and physical well-being. The benefits of taking Berocca daily, proven by clinical trials: Berocca, taken daily, provides sustained physical and mental energy throughout the day and into the evening. Berocca reduces stress and tiredness and improves concentration. Berocca is free from artificial stimulants, making it a suitable supplement for your busy and demanding lifestyle

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