Replace – Classic (400g)

  • Lactose and Gluten free
  • Cholesterol free
  • Source of 10 minerals


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Typical nutritional information only applicable when mixed with water. Source of typical nutritional information and ingredient content claims values are analytical and calculated. #Nutrient reference value for individuals 4 years and older. *No NRV established. AOAC 985.29. A times your busy lifestyle and on-the-run eating habits, can leave you feeling tired and weak when you are not getting sufficient levels of the right nutrients your body needs. If you have a poor appetite or cannot eat properly or at all, it is also difficult to get the right balance of nutrients your body needs. Replace® can be used as a meal replacement or a nutritional supplement and is a great, tasty way to get the energy and strength that you need to live a healthy lifestyle. Restoring and maintaining essential nutrients in the right amounts, is now quick and easy. Replace® is your convenient meal in a glass nutritional supplement, that helps you to be proactive about your wellbeing. High in energy. High in protein. Very high in omega-3 fatty acids. High in 13 vitamins.