DS-24 Vegi Capsules (30’s)


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DS-24 Vegi Multivitamin and Mineral Daily Supplement is a supplement formulated with 24 micronutrients. It is suitable for vegans as it does not contain any gelatin or animal products.

Sugar- Free

Ingredients per capsule:Vitamin A- 2,666,66iu, VitaminB1 -2,3mg, VitaminB2 -2mg, VitaminB6 – 8mg, VitaminB12 -2µg, VitaminC -40mg, VitaminD -100iu, VitaminE -20iu, Calcium 20mg, Pantothenic Acid -5mg, Choline-5mg, Copper-200µg, Inositol-1mg, Iodine-140µg, Iron-12mg, Manganese -5µg, Magnesium-0,5mg, Nicotinamide -20mg, Phosphorus 15mg, Potassium -0,5mg, Zinc -4mg, Molybdenum -50µg, Folic Acid-400µg, Biotin-0,5µg,

Warnings and special precautions: If you are taking chronic medication consult your medical practitioner before using.

Dosage: Do not exceed the recommended dosage, efficacy of support may vary between users.

Adults and children, 7 years and older: Take one capsule daily with water
Pack size: 30 Capsules