Efferflu C – Immune Booster (20’s)


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efferflu C IMMUNE BOOSTER will assist in improving and strengthening the collection of specialised cells, tissues and organs that together make up your body’s immune system or natural defence against germs.

Every year, millions of people suffer from symptoms relating to viral infections such as colds or flu that affect their ability to function optimally. Formulated with vitamin C, zinc and echinacea, IMMUNE BOOSTER can provide immune-support against cold and flu.

Vitamin C and zinc are known to play a central role in maintaining immunity and are used by immune cells to fight off respiratory infections. IMMUNE BOOSTER also contains echinacea, a plant that has been used for centuries by indigenous American tribes in the United States because of its immune-bolstering and antioxidant properties. Not only can echinacea lower the risk of developing colds by more than 50%, it can also help your body recover faster, giving you a BOOST when you’re down.

Strengthen your body’s natural defence with efferflu C Immune Booster. Just pop a fizzy tablet in water to get the orange, blackcurrant or raspberry flavoured BOOST you need.