USN Blue Lab 100% Whey Vanilla (908g)


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USN Bluelab Vanilla Flavour Whey Premium Protein 908g is ideal for optimal muscle support and recovery. Containing easy to digest isolate and hydrolysate concentrate and 100% whey.

For best results: Throughout the day, before and after training. 23.6g protein = 1 scoop. 47.2g protein = 2 scoops. Recommended use: 23.6g protein serving: Mix ±1 scoop (32g) into 150-200 ml of cold water. Optimal 47.2g protein double serving: Mix ±2 scoops (64g) into 300-400 ml of cold water. Shake well for 30 seconds, settle for 60 seconds, shake again before drinking. Adjust your protein intake from 1-5 servings depending on your physical goal and protein requirements.