USN BLUELAB 100% WHEY (908g)


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  • Premium whey isolate protein powder: USN Blue Lab Whey protein powder contains premium whey isolate, whey hydrolysate and whey concentrate—giving you 24g of protein.
  • Packed with BCAAs: We develop our delicious chocolate whey protein shake powder using real cocoa and 5.1g of naturally occurring BCAAs. It’s also packed with Essential Amino Acids to help boost your workout results.
  • Ideal for strength training: Blue Lab Whey powder is a market-leading post-workout powder that’s designed to support muscle development—helping you work harder and maintain your shape.
  • Easier to digest than standard protein powders: USN Blue Lab Whey lean muscle building protein powder includes Tolerase L, a lactase enzyme that helps break down the lactose present in milk. This makes it easier to digest than standard whey protein powders.
  • Take anytime: Blue Lab Whey isolate protein powder is perfect to drink throughout the day, before and after training. Choose one scoop for a 24g helping of protein or two for 48g. Simply mix with cold water and enjoy.