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School health week usually commemorated in the first week of March, is a day to remind and motivate learners and students the importance of eating healthy, taking the correct supplements if need be and the correct memory supplements.

The advent of COVID-19 has postponed annual awareness/ health days for later in the year, hence school health week is celebrated 12 October – 16 October this year.

School health emphasises the importance of keeping a healthy lifestyle as a student or learner. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle includes correct diet, exercise, good mental and emotional state and developing new hobbies. Primary and high school pupils are often referred to as learners and those in higher education as students. Learners often need a lot of energy as they are involved in all sorts of sporting and academic programs. Students get pressure from university assignments, and this can have an impact on their well-being.

Nutritional supplements like Future-life, life gain, replace and others help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, improve healthy living and keep a balanced diet should you have a problem in eating normal food and these helps to give the body nutrients that it needs.  However, all students and learner are encouraged to eat properly, rest and stick to the timetable. Nutritional supplements are there to boost if necessary but normal food diet must be kept to.

Memory is an important part of a any scholar or student’s academic programme. Products like Mentat, Turbovite, Bio-Strath and Bio plus have been recommended over the years for those who study and need energy and concentration. Taking memory supplements help boost the brains memory function. However, taking too many supplements for immune or studies cam harmful to the body. Supplements are there to assist to boost the brain or the body for that short period of time and not mean for long term use as this could result in

  • The supplements becoming less effective,
  • Cause body imbalances,
  • Causes the brain to not function as it is meant to because of the reliance on supplements.

Supplements are encouraged for those in their studies to help them along when necessary, however, these are not meant to be used for a long time as the body “forgets” how to function on its own.

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