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Spring is the season of new beginnings, fresh breeze and opportunity to go back to gym, eating healthy and getting your summer body into shape.

The common favourite about Spring among the folk in South Africa, is that spring brings back warm temperatures after a cold Winter this year, with the wave of COVID-19. Most South Africans welcome the warm sunshine because it has been cold. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic, the warm sun brings comfort as it has been proven that to 15 minutes in the sun, kills the virus.

According to Live Science Contributor Nola Taylor Redd, spring is also the season of planting. Redd states that farmers and gardeners plant their seeds at this time because plants will grow in the rising temperature.

The season of Spring affects those with allergic rhinitis known commonly as “hay fever” the most as pollen is in the air. Over the counter medication at a pharmacy is known to assist in relieving of the allergy. This allergy is fueled by the pollen in the air and change of temperature. Symptoms of hay fever include but not limited to, sneezing and coughing, itchy throat, headache, itchy red/watery eyes, etc. According to Healthline, hay fever can last as long as the individual is exposed to the allergens.

The distinction between COVID-19 and hay fever symptoms is a challenge for some and brings about uncertainty. COVID-19 symptoms are flu like and these can be in effect for around 10 days, and the individual will have a high temperature. The confusion comes in when breathlessness, headaches, blocked nose and loss of taste and smell happen. Therefore, healthcare workers suggest treating hay fever if you are aware that you have it. Self-isolating, taking vitamins and all COVID-19 precautions is the best option to keep safe.

A favourite for most women and men is working on the summer body for the upcoming summer season. According to Shape.com editors, spring is a good time to get into shape. Shape editors suggest:

  • Getting a check up is the first step to make sure that your body is ready,
  • Write an exercise plan, but be realistic, do what your body allows you to do,
  • Finding a partner who has the same goals as you, will help motivate you. Keep in mind the regulations of COVID-19. Read COGTA Minister Dlamini-Zuma’s speech here https://www.gov.za/speeches/minister-nkosazana-dlamini-zuma-gazetting-coronavirus-covid-19-alert-level-2-regulations-17
  • Healthy eating is also suggested. The editors suggest that clearing your pantry of junk food and start with nutritional food is a good step,
  • With temperatures rising, it is a good idea to use sunscreen in the sun when starting your workouts,
  • Staying hydrated is the key. Drinking water is healthy for your body, and that will help in keeping your body nutritious.
  • Lastly, the editors suggest rewarding yourself after you’ve reached a milestone. Rewards could be going to a spa or anything that will relax your body.

Therefore, Spring could be the change that you need after the advent of the corona virus, spring could be the time to rejuvenate yourself, get into shape and ready for summer. While doing that, take care of your allergic rhinitis.