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Sun-smart skin cancer awareness month is a reminder that skin burn can lead to skin cancer. This short article will discuss the main causes of skin cancer, how to prevent it and general tips to not get skin cancer.

Types of Skin Cancer: Characteristics & Impact |

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According to experts, skin cancer can be developed by being in the sun for too long. The long term effects of sunburn are one of the main causes of skin cancer. Skin cancer affects all people, regardless of race group, gender or age.

The development of skin cancer can be avoided by:

  • Avoidance of being in the sun for too long. It is said that 15 minutes of being in the sunlight, sunburn can occur and this increases the risk of skin cancer.
  • Using a sunscreen of an SPF level of 20-50, is good because sunburn is avoided that way.
  • It is also recommended to wear protective clothing in the sun, will assist in the protection against the sunlight, etc.

The symptoms of skin cancer can include but not limited to:

  • Asymmetrical marks
  • Moles that may change colour, grow big or have irregular edges.
  • Mayoclinic suggests that signs and symptoms also include, painful lesions (patch on the skin) that itches or burns
  • Large brownish spot with darker speckles, etc

Skin cancer: Changes in moles, pink growths or bowens disease are signs |

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This summer is it advised that whenever going out in the sun, precautions must be followed as mentioned above such as sunscreen, hats, clothes that cover affected areas.

It is recommended that these are followed so that the chances of skin cancer are reduced.