World Hearing Day is an annual event held on March 3rd that aims to raise awareness about hearing loss and promote ear health. As a retail pharmacy, this day provides us with a great opportunity to educate our customers about the importance of hearing care and offer them
relevant products and services.

At Sparkport pharmacy, we understand the impact that hearing loss can have on a persons overall well-being. It not only affects their ability to communicate effectively but also restricts their social interactions and affects their overall quality of life. Therefore, we believe its crucial to emphasize the significance of early detection and timely intervention.

We stock a wide range of hearing care products, including earplugs, earwax removal drops, ear drops to cater for the diverse needs of our customers. Our trained staff is always on hand to guide individuals in selecting the right products and addressing any concerns they may have. World Hearing Day serves as a reminder of the importance of ear care and the impact of hearing loss on individuals. As a retail pharmacy, we take pride in playing our part by educating our customers, providing essential products and services, and supporting initiatives aimed at improving ear health worldwide.

– Artelac ear drops-price-R80.90
– Relieves pain, itching and inflammation from 6 months up (preservative free}
– Treats swimmers ears
– Softens ear wax before syringing.
– Ear syringing offered @R100.
– Ear plugs –R13.00
– Dove cotton buds-200”s-R22.00
– Dove cotton buds -100”s-R15.00
– Hearing aid batteries available in store